Monday, March 23, 2009

What a weekend!

The invitations are done!! Thanks to my sister and my girlyfriends for all the help you gave me for working on the invitations for my MommyInLaws birthday. I had so much fun and am quite sure we came up with a stunning invite. She will be happy I am sure. The colours of Gold and Wine are just perfect and I can't wait to show them off in person.
Now for Mother's Day I want a CuttleBug. Thanks Tamie for letting me use yours to make card pasta. I love it!!

Not only did the craft day in Millet go really well....but my most intelligent, physical specimen created by me and Jay....(okay it can really happen I think!!) Finally rolled over. He rolled for the first time last week and while I was running upstairs to get the camera he finished the task at hand and I MISSED IT!!. But Lo and Behold, thoughtful Malcolm did it again yesterday for both Mommy and Daddy. Not once, Not twice, TOO MANY TO COUNT. He's a rolling machine now. front to back, front to back.

Now if only I can get my doggie to stop stealing the knitted toques from the bouncy basket. grrr.


  1. how come the scalloped circles don't look 3-D...did you not use the foam stickers? They turned out really nice though...I am glad you are pleased with them...

  2. they are 3D you just can't tell in the picture I guess.