Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Daddy!!

I can't believe how quick the first 6 months has gone by. Malcolm is now sitting and babbling and we are working diligently at starting this baby crawling. lol...he's probably had enough. Well, he's on solid food now and hates broccoli and cauliflower. But LOVES prunes...go figure. And though I am still nursing, we have eliminated one feeding and replaced it with formula so at this rate I should be nice and dry by month 8 or 9.

Lately I really miss my Dad. I wonder what he thinks of his grandson and I hope that he visits him. I have seen the amazing presence of Dad since he left this world and I strongly pray that the innocence of Malcolms thoughts and acceptances will allow him to communicate with his Grandpa Jim...the funniest man I know. I don't need to say that I know in my heart that Dad is still around...because I don't know in my heart...I JUST KNOW!! I feel it, I see it, and I could tell you some astonishing things that prove life after death. I love knowing that I still have an extremely strong two way relationship with my Dad that noone can beat. I'm not crazy or loopy or drunk. It is what it is and I love him so much for allowing me to be a part of his life still. I will never ever say the words goodbye to my Dad. Goodnight, talk to you tomorrow, see you in my dreams is all I ever will need to end my conversations.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye Friend Clarinet

The year was 1986 and we were told we had a choice. We could choose band or computers. I chose computers, so did Jason Beagle. We were the only two in all of grade 7 who did not choose band. We were forced to take it. I cried and cried...I DID NOT WANT BAND. But alas, Jason took a flute home and I took a clarinet. It was the beginning of a very fond relationship.
My clarinet was purchased used, I think I paid $150.00 for it. Someone before me had left their toothy imprint on the mouthpiece and I was embarrassed. I thought people would assume it was me because of my bugs bunny genes. 3 years until Junior High was over and wouldn't you know it...I actually CHOSE band in highschool.

Mr. Sweet was everyone's favorite. With his shiney head and super humour, what a joy. He was so fun. He took us all on our first trip to NovaScotia. A mishmosh of children trying to be adults, from football players to drama students, we were all there. That was the best. I still remember that first year we played the theme to Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. WE WERE GOOD!!

December 7th 1990 we attended Handel's Messiah, and that night I met my first boyfriend. He sat with me in the bus on the way home and although some smart kid threw gum to the back and it landed on my hair, and the fact that the spaghetti straps on my dress broke that night...I gave my phone number away and was on my way to falling in love. I still remember telling Jocelyn that I really liked her hair. Boy the things you remember on the most important days.

My Clarinet helped us to attend Nationals in BC and Internationals in Hawaii. Again Mr. Sweet packed up all us young people and took us across border so we could win, which we didn't. But it was the best trip we ever had. Say hello to a couple of Marines and bond with a new group of friends. At this time, I was no longer with my boyfriend and my new friends introduced me to happiness once again. I appreciate them even now for that.

June 1993 school ended and I put my Clarinet down for many years only taking it out to remember and play a small ditty here and there. Not until 2008 did I start playing in a band again. I auditioned for the Edmonton Cosmopolitan Music Society and was taken on at an intermediate level. I loved it, I was once again in the spotlight and was playing at the fantastic Winspear Centre this time. It's too bad the average age in the band is around 65. I would have stayed.

The season has ended and so too my relationship with my Clarinet. It was there for much happiness and much sorrow...but it's time to retire you my friend and let someone else build their memories with you .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5 months

Today is Malcolm's 5 month birthday. He has grown so much. I look back at pictures of when he was first born and boy was he tiny.

This weekend we took him on his first camping night out at Mulhurst. He did very well and so did mom and dad. And oh, by the way, the whole suckie fiasco is gone. No sooner did I mention it on Facebook and on my blog that now he has not woke up once in the middle of the night for it. 9 to 9 my little man...what an awesome sleeper.

Now if only my sister will get married soon and start popping out a few for him to play with.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Suckie Be Gone

I never should have introduced the suckie. Malcolm is almost 5 months old now and my wonderful 7 and 8 hr sleeps has now dwindled. I wake up 3, 4, 5 times a night to find a suckie that has been noticed is missing. Poor little guy. I can't wait until he can put it in his own mouth. Do I continue to get up night after night and wait patiently for his independence? When will that be?

Gosh, I love you so much Munchkin...let mommy sleep please. haha.

At least Malcolm is not a screamer..he's very quiet actually but still, I awake and off I go to the room.

My baby, growing so fast and sleep for me.

Okay, tonight I am letting him fuss it out. It's good for him and it will work. I know it will...I just need to be patient.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's been a while

I haven't written on my blog for sometime now. I have discovered Facebook, although years later than everyone else it seems, and now that has taken over my time.

Let's see, what can I say, my Malcolm is 41/2 months old now and has lost most of his hair. Oh my sweet baby who had so much at birth, now it's gone. But man does he look older. Our days are getting better, if that's even possible. He still sleeps through the night and slowly I am managing to only have to get up once if at all to help him back to sleep in the middle of it. I think I am the one who needs the suckie for him to go to bed...not him.

Malcolm laughs alot and plays alot, and he's finally rolled from Back to Front, last night, when I wasn't home of course. But he did it and now I can capture that one in his baby book to remember always.

I still have plenty of Leslie time and it coincides nicely with Mommy time. This is the best ride I've been on in my entire life.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

Last weekend my Mother In Law threw us a baby shower and had given us an excersaucer for Malcolm. This morning we got a phone call from her telling us it was recalled. How horrible. I don't even know what part could be broken because each piece is huge and plastic. Lo and Behold...10 minutes later...she calls back. APRIL FOOLS!!

nice...that was a good one. I was all worried that I would have to take the whole thing apart and try to houdini it back into the box.

I finally finished making the thank you cards for the past presents we've received...but now Mom is throwing another shower this weekend so I'll need to make more. LOL. Just when you think you are done.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What a weekend!

The invitations are done!! Thanks to my sister and my girlyfriends for all the help you gave me for working on the invitations for my MommyInLaws birthday. I had so much fun and am quite sure we came up with a stunning invite. She will be happy I am sure. The colours of Gold and Wine are just perfect and I can't wait to show them off in person.
Now for Mother's Day I want a CuttleBug. Thanks Tamie for letting me use yours to make card pasta. I love it!!

Not only did the craft day in Millet go really well....but my most intelligent, physical specimen created by me and Jay....(okay it can really happen I think!!) Finally rolled over. He rolled for the first time last week and while I was running upstairs to get the camera he finished the task at hand and I MISSED IT!!. But Lo and Behold, thoughtful Malcolm did it again yesterday for both Mommy and Daddy. Not once, Not twice, TOO MANY TO COUNT. He's a rolling machine now. front to back, front to back.

Now if only I can get my doggie to stop stealing the knitted toques from the bouncy basket. grrr.