Monday, March 2, 2009

10 weeks now

Well, it's been 10 weeks now and the baby photographer came over on Friday. I think we got some really good pictures so when they come over in 2 weeks to show us, I hope we can pick out some great shots. There was one that was taken with Malcolm just in his diaper and a tarzan stripe up his chest. Priceless.
Mom is back from Thailand now and had the time of her life. I will get some pics from her to post so stay tuned for those. We had a visit with her this weekend. The last time she saw Malcolm he was only 6 days old so it was good to see her reaction to how much he has grown and accomplished since then. Back then he was still a little ragdoll.

Thursdays is my Mommies group. I love going. There are some mom's there that I can see me truly getting along with and becoming friends and the great thing is they live in my neighborhood so we will be able to get together and stroll once the weather warms up.
My sister is getting married this "....". I can't tell you cause it's a secret!! But it's going to be fairly soon and I can't wait. I am so excited for her and her new husband is just awesome for her!! They fit together nicely.
The pictures posted are of Malcolm at his 2 month mark plus some smiley shots. Enjoy!


  1. awww your baby is sooooo cute! with all that hair he looks so much older than 10 weeks.

    I wanna know the secret- your such a tease!
    Does that mean they are eloping?
    are they still going to have a party later on?

    so this week is pretty busy, we have to meet all the conditions for the sale by next tuesday...but I'm free pretty much all next week if you want to pick any day that works for you!!!!

  2. I am hoping blogger is going to let me post a comment. It just doesn't seem to let me get in those secret little words. It takes for ever to load those words.

    Anyhooo, so glad you called the other day and enjoyed talking with you despite my coughing fit, soo sorry.

    Malcolm is getting so big and wow do I ever see Jason in him.

    Glad to hear your mom had an awesome time on her vacation.

  3. it's still a secret jo...but yes...we'll have a party later on....
    I posted a new blog...
    Kinda moody in my writing right now... I will hopefully have internet by next week sometime!!! I'll be able to write more often then.