Friday, March 20, 2009

3 months old

Yesterday was Malcolm's 3 month birthday. I can't believe it.

Jay and I went to a store called Kidzlands yesterday and the owner actually said "Oh Mom. tsk tsk tsk" when he saw my baby had that ring of bald on his head. GRRR. Does he not know that new babies lose their hair...does he not know that my kid sleeps on his back which is recommended by doctors and pediatricians. DON'T tell me I'm a bad mom when I know exactly the amount of time that I spend playing with Malcolm and interacting with him is WAY more than some parents ever do. I wanted to punch this guy. LOL.

Anyway, tonight Jay and I are finally going on a date. We are going for Supper at Tony Roma's and I can't wait. First he needs to come home though so I can hop in the shower. Maybe one of these days I'll shower when he's still at work.

Tomorrow is craft day in Millet and I'll be working on the invitations for my MotherinLaws birthday. I really hope they turn out and are acceptable. I'm going to make a few different ones just so we have a few to choose from.

The above picture is Malcolm's 3 month picture and I've attached another one where he is in the outfit that my Auntie Glo brought him back from Thailand.

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  1. Malcolm is getting so big!! He will be walking by the time I get to see him again.