Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Blog

Well, this is a first for me. I hope to write as much as a possibly can in this, my first year off of work to be a mommy.
Today is Sunday and Jason is upstairs doing homework while I am downstairs waiting for the next feeding. I am constantly asked, "So, do you like being a Mom?" To which I answer honestly " I do not quite feel like a Mom, more like a milk maid so far. Until baby Malcolm begins to interact with me and smile and coo for me, I'm sure I will feel more like a Mom then. But right now I am enjoying the quiet, surreal moments with him and yes that does include 4:30 in the morning. I love my little boy and want to inhale every moment of his tiny tiny infancy.

Now I am going to try to compile, compose and create my blog so bear with me.


  1. Hi, Leslie, it is very cool that we both have Blogs. I am excited about our new adventures and look forward to seeing you this weekend. Super hugs to you and Malcolm.

  2. YAY- your first post!
    I didn't know you were getting into blogging- I'm totally excited.
    I can't believe how big your little guy looks, for only a month.
    Good for you for hanging in with breastfeeding- I don't think people know how physically exhausting it is, or how much you do feel like a milk maid. but you guys will find your groove...
    so I'm booked solid for the next few days...but do you 2 want to go for a walk around the mall anytime from Friday on???
    just let me know. send me an e-mail or something...
    yay blogging!!!